How to book?

Booking is very simple!
Directly on the website:
Just click on the booking page. In this case, the payment methods for the deposit are the credit card, bank transfer or check. You remain free to pay the balance in holiday checks if you wish.
You can also make your reservation by mail:
In this case, please download the reservation contract on our website and return it to us by mail with the deposit payment (subject to availability upon receipt of your reservation).
A cancellation insurance is offered to you at the time of your reservation, in case of non-subscription, the camping does not grant any discount in case of prevention.
What is the amount of the deposit?
The amount of the deposit is 25% of the total stay when booking.
To this must be added 15 € booking fee.
For a reservation per night, the price of one night is to be paid for the reservation
Reservation confirmation:
If you book online, a confirmation will be sent automatically to the email address you have given us, once the availability has been verified.
For reservations by mail, a confirmation email will be sent after verification of availability.
Balance payment :
For booking pitches, the balance is to be paid on the day of arrival at the campsite.
For accommodation rentals, the balance is due one month before arrival.
Cancellation insurance:
We offer a cancellation insurance “Camp Couvert”, which you can subscribe during your booking.
2.5% of the amount of the stay excluding tourist tax and handling fees
General conditions of cancellation insurance
Payment method:
• By credit card
• By check payable to SARL MCN
• By check-holiday
• Cash (on the spot)
• Wire Transfer:
LCL – 82300 Caussade
IBAN CODE: FR65 3000 2040 5600 0007 0312 U07